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The Affect of Divorce on Women’s Mental Health

The Affect of Divorce on Women’s Mental Health

Family law is the place of law that deals with particular family matters like your kids, divorce, and your property. Most of the law issues in NSW, Australia are covered by the family act. If you are married or in a de facto relationship, the family law act will cover all disagreements you may have about your kids or property. Even if you are married or in a de facto relation, the family act law still covers every disagreement you have about the kids or your relationship, for instance, where they will live.

The Affect of Divorce on Women’s Mental Health


When a relationship ends there are kids from the relationship, and both parents normally want to maintain contact with the kids. How the parents establish and maintain this contact can be made formal via the courts, to provide the parties some certainty as to the contact. In New South Wales court orders dealing with kid issues are called with orders and time spend with orders. These address concerns such as:

  • When can a kid see a parent and under what conditions?
  • Who will the kid live with?
  • What school will the kid go to and will the kid be brought up according to a certain religion?
  • Quarries surrounding the kid’s medical treatment.

When determining what are the best interests of the kid the court has to look at primary considerations and secondary considerations.

The primary considerations are:

  • The advantage of kids having meaningful relations with both mother and father
  • Their need to be protected from any danger

In making the decisions about what are the best interests of the kid the court must have regard to the following laws:

  • That kids have the right to know and care for by both their parents
  • That kids have a right to spend time as well as communicate on a usual basis with parents
  • That parent should agree about the future of their kids
  • The parent mutually share duties as well as responsibilities concerning the care

Separation And Divorce

It’s possible to get a divorce even if you and your spouse lived in a similar home during half or complete a one-year separation term. You will need to provide additional info and paper to the court. You can not apply to the court for a divorce unless you have been separated for at least one year before the application is filed. You can start negotiations about kids and property as soon as the marriage is broken. Several matters are resolved before the divorce request is filed.


Similar laws about property apply whether or not you were wedded or in a de facto relationship. You can start negotiations about the property as soon as the relationship or marriage has broken down. If you divorced you have to start property or spouse maintenance proceeding with one year of your separation becoming final. If you have been in a de facto, you must commence property proceeding within 2 years of your divorce.

If you’re in de facto relation you make a paper for a property settlement below the family law act if anyone more if the following conditions apply:

  • You have a kid with your de facto partner
  • Your de facto relationship lasted for at least two years;
  • You have made substantial participation in the finances or property of your partner.

After separation – how do divide assets?

The property includes whole things owned by either 1 or both partners including:

  • Money and investments
  • Real estate as-well-as personal property
  • Property owned earlier in the wedding
  • Inheritances, gifts, lottery wins received by 1 partner/spouse

How does the court divide property?

  • Property owned earlier in the relationship or wedding: the extent to which this is considered the property of a partner will depend on the time of the relationship/wedding and what contribution the other partner made towards the accumulation as well as the maintenance of the property.
  • The contribution made by both sides during the relationship and marriage
  • Generally, contribution to the welfare of the family would be also considered.

It is a good idea to get a lawyer for your property settlement in NSW even if you only need law advice and help to make consent orders.

Child Support

An application can also be made to child support to question for the kid support assessment to be altered due to special conditions. The following must be considered:

  • The extreme costs of spending time with your kids
  • Caring for your kid, for instance, if they need braces on their teeth or have some disability that requires some huge expenses
  • Educating your kid and the assessment doesn’t perfectly reflect one or both parents’ ability to pay child support.

In certain situations, it’s possible to backdate these alterations. You’d get some legal help about this procedure before you start on it.

Parents and guardians must the dead letter for child support very carefully (or ask them to be explained smoothly) to find out about their obligations to contact child support.


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