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Why should you start running now?

 Why should you start running now?

Did you know that running was not only an activity or an exercise as many people believe nowadays? Since the dawn of history Running was an important skill to still alive and survive from that savage wildlife where man and wild animals were struggling for food. In the pre-historic ages, I'm certain that people were taught the faster you run, the better chance you have to stay alive. We will not be discussing the history of running in this article, we just want to show you how running is an important exercise for men and women at the present time. 

Why should you start running now?

There is no sport without running exercises even if it was a mental sport like Chess. We are going to show you some benefits of Running on the following points:

  • Relieve Stress: Stress can lead to several health and mood problems. When you are running, your body exerts any extra energy or hormones.
  • Having strong Legs: Strong Legs not only help the lower body, but it supports the upper body as well. Runners can stand on their legs for long periods than those who do not run and runners are less likely to get serious leg injuries than non-runners.
  • Healthier Heart & Lungs: Getting a healthier Heart is one of the top benefits of running. Running reduces the risk of having a heart attack. Running also is very useful for our lungs by increasing their capacity.
  • Having a strong bone: Osteoporosis is the most common type of bone disease, which threaten about half of all women in their fifties. Osteoporosis increases the risk of brittle bones and is one of the major causes of fractures or broken bones in elderly women. Running strengthens your bones therefore, it decreases our risks of fractures and broken bones due to Osteoporosis in our older years.
  • Weight Loss: Losing weight isn't easy and many people all over the world struggle with it constantly. Running along with healthier eating habits can help you to burn more calories without having to follow a strict low-calorie diet and strenuous exercise regime.
  • Prevent Diseases: Many doctors nowadays recommend running to their patients during the early stages of Diabetes because it helps prevent other health problems that arise with early-onset diabetes. Running also helps to keep your blood pressure within normal limits which therefore decreases your risk of heart disease and it reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. 

What are you waiting for now? You have only to pick up your running shoes and put on your t-shirt and hit the street. There is no problem about where you should run, just don't give an ear to ridiculous comments and get to running! Don't stop running and make it a daily habit for your health and your long life!


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