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Role of sports on focus weight loss

Role of sports on focus weight loss 

Role of sports on focus weight loss

To get in shape you should not focus on weight loss but on sports

Currently, 650 million adults in the world suffer from obesity and 2.8 million people die each year from the disease... While focusing on weight loss may seem to many to be the most obvious way to reduce the health problems associated with obesity, a new study shows that it's not necessarily the best solution. Researchers have been able to show that when it comes to staying fit, regular exercise lags far behind dietary strategies for weight loss. 

After analyzing hundreds of studies involving tens of thousands of men and women, the researchers concluded that the risk of heart disease and premature death is reduced more by exercise than by trying to lose weight. This suggests that you can be healthy no matter what your weight, as long as you are active.

Glenn Gaesser, the co-author of the study and director of Arizona State University's College of Health Solutions, agrees that weight loss is beneficial unless you focus on yo-yo dieting, which in turn can lead to muscle loss, fatty liver, and diabetes.

"We believe that weight loss should not be the main criterion for judging the success of an exercise program that affects lifestyle..... People need to understand that healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and in a society obsessed with weight, I hope this study can steer people toward exercise programs that put exercise at the center of their goals." 

And, as Gaesser says, all exercise is good, as long as it gets people off the couch. No drastic changes are needed immediately...

"The benefits of exercise increase with frequency, of course, but they are measurable, even on a small scale. The benefits of exercise naturally increase with frequency, but they are measurable, even on a small scale."

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